Need to verify some facts before signing a trade agreement?  Hire our private investigators and we will provide high-quality, fast and discreet information services to support your important decisions.

Our company’s service range is governed by Act no. 473/2005 Z.z. on the Provision of Services in the Private Security Sector, and includes:

• searching for a person
• searching for property
• monitoring the activities of a person in an enclosed space or area
• obtaining data that can serve as evidence before a court or administrative authority
• collecting data on the personal status of a natural person and obtaining information aboutactivities of individuals or legal persons or their property relations
• obtaining information relating to the enforcement of a claim
• obtaining data on an illegal activity that threatens a trade secret

Who are our clients?

Legal and natural persons, law firms, financial and leasing companies, debt collectors, notaries, insurance companies, and private individuals. We guarantee a discreet and professional approach.

We can check your business partners.

We can check if your forthcoming trade is credible, provide information about the financial situation of your business partner, and identify any false data and documents.

More than information. Our evidence will hold up at trials

We can document legally relevant evidence that will hold up before a court or other administrative authorities. Where applicable, we can provide the testimony of the main case investigator.