Four zones, four levels of protection

Secure your home, land and commercial premises with a state-of-the-art system.
After the demarcation of buffer zones, we will take care of complete professional installation, maintenance, inspection and servicing of all the necessary equipment.

Agentúra S+L


Zone I is a family home, office building or company production hall where we secure areas from the building exterior (walls, windows, doors, vents) to the “core” (e.g. a safe, server, archive, etc.).

Agentúra S+L


Zone II includes adjacent areas and buildings, and the aim of protection is to slow or impede unauthorised access to a protected building.

Agentúra S+L


Zone III comprises the outer perimeter of a building, such as fencing, walls, hedge, wall of adjacent building, water surface, and road. Securing these areas is crucial in relation to a protected building, and it allows sufficient reaction time for the sending of an intervention force or  police patrol.

Agentúra S+L


Within this zone we provide physical protection of persons, documents, items, and cash during transit outside a protected area.

“Each site is unique – requiring a different form and extent of security. When processing proposals and projects, we use a combination of technical, electronic, mechanical and other security features.”
Mgr. Dvoran Vladimír
Managing Director

Warranty and post-warranty service within 7 days

In the case of a malfunction, we repair or replace a damaged part so the building security system continues to be fully operational. The faulty part or device will be temporarily replaced by a new one.

Our team will respond within seven days of reporting a malfunction, within 24 hours in urgent cases.

Have an older safety device?

No need to throw it out. It can be expanded or connected to a new security system. You can also connect your building to a CCTV system, central security desk, and 24 hour security service.